Be Proud of Who You Are

          The world that we live in today is confusing. Everyone has an opinion, and sometimes those opinions are kind of harsh. It is much easier to be malicious when you can hide behind a keyboard. Are you too fat? Too thin? Too pretty? Not pretty enough? I bet your hair is too long or too short. Maybe too blonde? Or not blonde enough.

          Unfortunately, bullying someone for being themselves is all too common in the present day. It’s not just school-age kids who get bullied either. Bullying can occur anywhere. It happens online, in schools, in the workplace. Even celebrities get bullied by trolls on the internet. Why so much intolerance? It doesn’t make someone any less of a person just because they might be a little different from you.

          My philosophy has always been that unless someone is causing harm to someone or something, then leave them be! If we were all the same, the world wouldn’t function. Can you imagine how strange the world would be if everyone looked and acted alike? What if we all liked the same hobbies, and wanted to be the same thing when we grew up? It would be a very boring place.

          I like to embrace the fact that we, as humans, all have different thoughts and opinions. It makes for some interesting conversations, especially if you are open-minded and can try and see things from the other person’s perspective. Truly listening and being open to the ideas of others is very important in the communication process, in both business and personal relationships. You still may not agree after the fact, but it shows a great deal of respect when you can sit and listen to someone and what they have to say. It may even allow you to come up with a better solution together.

          I want you to be fiercely proud of who you are. Don’t let anyone bring you down, whether it be for your views, what you look like, who you love, or anything else. Do you like to dress up in costumes and go to conventions? Have at it! Do you want to dye your hair green and blue? Go for it! Honestly, you do you. There is enough hate in the world already. Let’s try and drown it out with more love and acceptance.


Amor Vincit Omnia.”